Get new lenses in your designer frames.

Oh no! You invested in a gorgeous designer frame…and then life happened. Your beloved Ray-Bans got scuffed. You lost one of the lenses in your favorite Prada sunnies. And we agree... your vintage Guccis look waaaay less lux with scratched lenses.

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Don’t worry. You can return them to their former glory! Here are 5 reasons to re-lens your glasses with Boomerang:

1. Save big on quality lenses! You don’t have to pay for overpriced lenses from the designer or from your optical shop. Boomerang Lenses are made from the same high-quality lens materials, without markups or higher price tags.

2. You can do it all from home. Just pick the lenses you want on our site — and then we’ll mail a super secure lens case to your house! We cover all the shipping costs and even offer free returns if you’re not satisfied.

3. Get exactly what you want. Most brand lenses are mass-produced — and not made to your specific needs. We do things a little differently! By custom-tracing your frames, we ensure a perfect fit. And all orders are fully customizable, so you can add a prescription, upgrade your lenses with speciality coatings, or even add blue light protection!

4. We’ll take good care of your glasses. Our skilled technicians love your glasses as much as you do. In our state-of-the-art re-lensing lab, they clean and polish every frame that comes their way. It’s like a spa-day for your favorite specs.

5. Bring your favorite designer frames back to life. You’ve got the power! Choose any lens type for your frames. Wanna turn your sunglasses into blue light glasses? Transform your favorite clear glasses into transition glasses for in- and outdoor style? It’s your call!

Boomerang lenses are custom-made to fit all kinds of frames. Re-lens your glasses today.

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