Here’s how it works.

Spoiler alert: it’s easy! In five simple steps, we get your glasses back in working order.

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How It Works


Order your lenses online.

Choose your material, prescription type, and any additional coatings or treatments you want. Get an overview of all our lens options.


Ship your glasses to us.

You’ll receive a prepaid, super secure box from us in about 5 business days. When it arrives, put your glasses inside and send it back our way.


The magic happens.

Back in the lab, we custom trace, cut, and treat your new lenses. Then carefully insert them into your frames and shine them to perfection.


We ship back to you.

Most orders take about 15 business days from the time your glasses arrive at our lab to the moment they arrive back home to you. Shipping is always on us.


Boom! You look spectacular.

With your new lenses, we hope you’re lookin’ good and feelin’ great!

We knew there was a better way to re-lens.

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“I bought new designer frames and had Boomerang lens them for me. They look amazing!”

Tim Scherer

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“I cannot believe how easy it was to send in my glasses right from home!”

Holly McPherson

Let’s make your lenses your way.

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Simple processes

We show you all your options. And help you understand how to know which lenses are best for you.

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Easily customizable orders

We give you the power to create the lenses you need for your lifestyle, so you get what you need — and can easily skip what you don’t.

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Fair, competitive prices

Here’s a secret: lenses don’t cost what most optical shops charge for them. Our prices aren’t just better. They’re fair.