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Here, we give you the lowdown on lens materials used industry-wide. Yep: we use the same stuff as your eye doctor — and all those other online glasses retailers, too. All our lenses come with 100% UV protection, as well as scratch protection and anti-glare coatings.


This is the original replacement for glass lenses because it’s lightweight and brings high optical clarity. It’s only available in full-rim frames because it can be fragile if the edges are exposed. We don’t recommend it for kids or rowdy adults. Recommended for prescriptions between -3.00 to +3.00

Premium polycarbonate

This is our most popular lens and it works well for all frame types. It’s up to 30% thinner and lighter, and 10-12 times more impact resistant than CR-39. We recommend adding our Premium coating to make it easier to clean. It’s great for daily wear in glasses worn by all ages. Recommended for prescriptions between -4.50 to +4.50

1.67 high-index

The higher the prescription, the thicker the lens. But this material is designed to keep even the thickest prescriptions thin, light, and feeling good. The same strong prescription in polycarbonate will be up to 30% thinner and lighter with these lenses. We recommend adding our Premium coating to make it easier to clean. Recommended for prescriptions below -4.50 and above +4.50

Your prescription is just our type.

Find out if we can create lenses for your prescription (Rx). We can do almost everything.

Single Vision

For those who are nearsighted or farsighted, a single-vision Rx helps you see the direction you’re missing out on. And reading glasses with customizable magnification help you see every detail.


One lens that includes distance, intermediary, and reading magnification, without lines in the lens. Consider it the Baby Bear of all-over vision correction: it’s juuuuuust right for eyes that need help seeing at all ranges.

No Prescription

Even if you already have near-perfect vision (you lucky dog), you may want to add blue light filters or transition lenses to fit your needs. Give your favorite frames a high-quality finish with stunning clear or sun lenses.

All Boomerang lenses

Invisible rays from the sun can cause eye damage. Our lenses — both clear and sun — block ‘em out.

UVA and UVB protection

Invisible rays from the sun can cause eye damage. Our lenses — clear and sun — block ‘em all out.

A thin, hard, anti-reflective coating

Because when your friends look at you, they wanna see your face, not their own reflection. (Unless they’re a total narcissist.)

A single layer of anti-glare coating

Your glasses should make it easier to see, not harder! The anti-glare coating reduces glares off of surfaces all around you.

Make your lenses match your lifestyle.

You get to choose how much extra coverage or durability you need. From blue light filters to a crystal-clear finish, we’ve got your lenses covered. Literally.

lenses with an easy clean and protective premium coating

Premium coating

Add to your lenses for $35

This coating doubles up our basic protective coatings. And makes lenses wayyyy easier to clean by repelling water, oil, and grime. And an anti-static coating keeps dust particles in the air and away from your lenses.

lenses with a blue light coating

Blue light

Add to your lenses for $45, includes Premium coating

Everybody is talking about it. But what is it? It’s a light on the UV spectrum produced by the sun and by digital screens. This filter will reduce the amount of blue light that enters your eye, which may help alleviate eye fatigue, especially for night-time tech users.

lenses with a premium coating and transitions

Transition lenses

Add to your lenses for $75, includes Premium coating

These aren’t your grandpa’s lenses. This somewhat mind-blowing light-intelligence technology lets you have eyeglasses and sunglasses in one pair. These darken in the sun while remaining clear indoors. Oh, and you get to choose your shade: a steely grey or classic brown.

lenses with a sun polarized coating

Polarized sun lenses

The whole point of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from bright sunshine. Polarized lenses take things a step further. They allow you to see true colors, and make images appear sharper and clearer in bright sunlight while reducing glare and reflections.

Please note: not all of these coatings are available for all lens materials. When you start your order, you’ll see your options.

Take better care of your lenses.

Review all our top tips for stellar lens care, like how to get your lenses sparkling clean and which cleaning materials you should definitely avoid. Get those tips!